Ways to Reuse your Spring Water Bottle

In this day and age where recycling is essential it is important to find ways that you can reuse the bottles of Spring Water you buy. Here are several things you can do with them that are very useful:

If you have plants, whether in your garden or houseplants, watering them may be a pain as you are always fighting with the hose or running back and forth with a glass of water to water them. By using a large plastic bottle you can both save time and energy. There isn’t much to do to achieve this, simply take the cap of and fill up. You can however, get creative and decorate your watering jug to suit your taste and garden better.

Again, for the gardeners out there, when replanting plants surely you find yourself with problems keeping them well hydrated as the water immediately evaporates. By cutting a smaller plastic bottle in half and sticking the lip side of it in the soil near the roots of the plant you can water it more efficiently and have less wasted water and a thriving plant.

Lastly, for those that enjoy crafts, or simply have a lot of small things lying around the house, whether in the workshop or kids rooms, bottles can help you get organized. Keep anything from coins, nails, small Lego pieces, beads, or other small craft stuff safe inside plastic bottles. These can also be beautifully decorated to better match their surroundings.

Spring Water is not only healthy for you, but the bottles can be useful, recycle and reuse!


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