Things to do with Plastic Bottles

If you still haven’t switched to a cooler and are still using regular Bottled Spring Water, here are some fun ways to recycle the bottles. You can make a coin purse with plastic bottles. Cut the bottoms of two bottles, sew them up with a zipper and there you have it!  You can use the plastic bottles to start a garden. Just cut the bottles, make some holes, put potting soil inside and plant some seeds. This is a very cheap way to start a garden and you will recycle the bottles, making them serve you for something wonderful like a garden. You can make candle holders with the plastic bottles. Cut them up, fill them with sand and put a candle inside. You can even colour the bottles and have colourful candle holders. You can make your own lava lamp with a plastic bottle. Fill the bottle with oil leaving ¼ of it for water. Pour the water inside while dropping food colouring inside it. You can glue the cap on and your lava lamp is ready, you can turn it upside down to see the beautiful effects inside. You can even use a plastic bottle for your Christmas decorations. Colour the bottles and string them, cutting them into different shapes and sizes.

Bottled Spring Water is a great way to stay healthy and fit throughout the day, and reusing the bottles is just as important!


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