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Bottled spring water can be used for beauty treatments and therapeutic purposes as well as being delicious to drink.   An herbal facial steam is wonderful cosmetic treatment that has immediate effects. The humidity and concentrated temperature of the steam purges impurities from the skin, then softens and prepares it for the application of an […]

How to Test Your Spring Water

Spring water is naturally filtered in the earth and it is the best water out there. Some people are afraid to take a sip straight from the ground, but this goes for water that you drink directly from a river or a lake. Yes, this water can be contaminated, but if you find a natural […]

Dealing with Depression with Spring Water

It is this time of the year that people experience a drop in mood with the drop in temperature. With spring water you can literarily “spring” back to being your good old happy self. There are different levels or seasonal depression, some that isn’t as extreme, and in some cases it is a clinical condition. […]

Spring Water for Older Homes

Whether you live in a home or apartment, if it’s an older building you may want to consider purchasing Spring Water for consumption. Water is water, as some may say, but that doesn’t mean that all water is the same. Though your local water filtration may be ok and the tap isn’t contaminated that doesn’t […]

Bottled Spring Water Keeps Your Movers Happy

Are you planning to move soon – plan ahead and stock up on bottled spring water. If you plan on packaging all the boxes yourself – you know  how exhausting this can be – you will get thirsty. However, more importantly – if you have hired a removal company – the bottles of water will […]

In the Search of Natural Spring Water

The Earth’s day is approaching and Project Wet had many kids involved in the search of Natural Spring Water. This project had the aim to teach children about their environment and particularly about water. The 200 students were engaged in a lot of different games with an educational meaning. The kids built a community in […]

Benefits of the Natural Spring Water

There have been many debates lately about the natural spring water and if is it worth to buy it. The answer is simple – yes. The greatest benefit of all is that it is just not water from the tap. Contrary to all believes, tap water may be infused with chemical to kill bad bacteria, […]

Spring Water Good for Babies

Turns out spring water is actually good for babies and you can mix your baby formula with it. Many new parents are very protective of their young children and are trying to do everything in their power to keep their babies healthy. The doctor recommends boiling the water you give for newborns before mixing it […]


People have known about the health benefits of the spring water for centuries and what a blessing a hydrothermal therapy is for those who need it. The process of the hydrothermal therapy is based on the stimulation of nerves on the surface of the skin that carry impulses to our body, creating therapeutic effect on […]

What Exactly is Spring Water?

Spring water is a term often heard and seen, but what is it really, and how does it get to our homes? What makes this water different and better is that it’s a pure and totally natural water that is extracted from natural springs. When it’s extracted it is usually bottled right on location. This […]