Spring Water Good for Babies

Turns out spring water is actually good for babies and you can mix your baby formula with it.

Many new parents are very protective of their young children and are trying to do everything in their power to keep their babies healthy. The

Spring Water Good for Babies

Spring Water Good for Babies

doctor recommends boiling the water you give for newborns before mixing it with his formula, so bad bacteria is removed from it. This is exactly what parents should do, because newborn’s tummy is very sensitive in the first days of his or her life. There are some brands of baby water as well and some parents prefer it, because it is ready to use and no boiling is necessary. But as the kids grow older and their digestive system is stronger parents start to wonder if they should continue buying the baby water or boiling the one form the tap. Boiling is recommended at all times if you use tap water, especially if you live in a dirty city and regular filtering is not sufficient for purifying your baby’s drink, but a recent research shows that many parents started making their children’s formula with the same water they drink – the one from the bottle. It is just as good as any and when the kids aren’t newborns anymore, it is perfectly safe. Adults don’t have to buy two different types of water – for themselves and for the kids.

The good old spring water is good for both – delicious, fresh and safe.


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