Spring Water Festival

Seven Fairies Hot Spring Water Fun Day is a festival held in Baoting, China in August. Years ago, this event was only a day long, but it has become so popular that the celebrations are now extended to one week. The main purpose of the festival is to raise people’s awareness and make them realize they have to do everything in their power to preserve the local forests. There will be many activities during the festival. The main attraction though will be the water fight. Everyone will be splashing each other with water and no one is going to stay dry. What a fun thing to do during the hot summer! No wonder the festival was called Water Fun Day. A lot of celebrities and performers will attend the festival. There will be safe and dry places there too, where people can enjoy theatre and traditional singing and dancing. A parade will take place through the whole city and the costumes and make up will be amazing. People can enjoy calligraphy competitions and sport matches. A beauty contest will be held during the festival too. The greatest beauties of Baoting will be competing for the crown. This festival has a lot to offer and there are a lot of tourists that go there to be a part of it.

Spring water is once again incorporated in a fun summer activity – if you can’t go to China this year, have a glass of water and imagine you are there.


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