Spring Water can be used in a very direct way – to help the body flush out potentially harmful chemicals. Just as chemicals are becoming increasingly part of our environment, so we are becoming more sensitive to them. Children, especially can develop serious health problems from exposures to common chemicals found in our food, water and environment. The more we recognise and understand the danger, we will start asking how we might combat the dangers and eliminate chemicals from our bodies. A big part of being more aware, and educated, is to think about the water we drink.

Researchers have found that children with high levels of pesticides in their urine were almost twice as likely to develop attention deficit disorder as those with undetectable levels. That’s just one symptom of chemical toxicity. Others sensitivities to chemicals include skin rashes, sinusitis, headaches, asthma, digestive problems, urinary infections, boils, and even emotional instability and an inability to focus or exhibit uncontrollable behaviours.

Water can used to flush the system and re-hydrate the cells. But this flushing is only effective with chemical free water. Once a chemical, flavour or bubbles are added to water. Then it needs to be filtered or digested, which means it can no longer flush your system.

So, if you think you may be experiencing some side effects from chemicals in some of the products you handle every day, Spring Water is the ideal choice to help your system flush them through.


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