Share Your Spring Water with Your Fish

Spring water can be good for your fish tank. We just found out form our friends in the pet store that many people use spring water for their Betta fish tanks. These little cuties are among the prettiest looking fresh water fish. These fish have amazing vibrant colours and flowing long tails. These fish are preferred from many people, because not only they are beautiful, but they are considered to be very easily taken care of. They do not need a lot to survive. The Betta fish is also known as the Fighting Fish and this is because the males fight and kill each other when they find another fish in their territory. The males are best kept alone in a fish tank. The Betta fish is also called “The Jewel of the Orient”, because they are so beautiful and their colours range. This fish exhibits a very vibrant colour in the wild when they are agitated. But the ones kept in fish tanks are carefully selected and they have amazing vibrant colours at all times. You can find turquoise, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, cream, pure white and even bright blue with pink highlights. Some breeders have developed colours like marble, butterfly and also metallic shades of platinum, gold and copper. We have contacted people from the local pet store and they assured us that you can use water from springs for the Betta fish tanks. People let this water sit for 24 hours and then put in the tank.

It turns out spring water is good for fish too!


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