Sea Fish Raised In Spring Water

Japan is using natural spring water to raise seawater fish. This idea came to a research group, because they found out that a local natural hot spring had salt concentrations similar to the saline solution in seawater. These researchers thought that raising this particular fish, the Japanese puffer in the spring water, will pay off very quickly, because it will be a lot cheaper to do it there. This turned out to be quite the attraction and many people came to visit the farming facility and see for themselves. The researchers started doing that in 2008. Another advantage of raising the puffer in the spring water is that because the water is not so salty, the fish spend less energy regulating their own body salt concentration. This ultimately means that the fish grows faster than the seawater puffer and is approximately half a year ahead. This means that the puffer can be offered on the market for a lesser price. The taste of the spring water puffer though, was a little watery, and so researchers came up with an idea. They placed the fish in sea water for certain periods of time so the taste becomes better. When the first load of Japanese puffer was delivered at a local sushi restaurant, the owner was delighted. He revealed that the fish tastes great and is exactly what he was searching for.

As it turns out natural spring water can even raise seawater fish, so take advantage of the unique qualities of the water – order some from us.


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