Spring water has over the centuries been revered not only for its health benefits but for a host of spiritual attributes.

You may have heard the terms “sacred spring” or holy well”. In general this is a small body of water emerging from underground that is revered either in a pagan or a Christian context, often both. Ancient Greek lore and mythology teems with sacred springs and the stories about them. Some of the most well known are those about the Corycian nymphs (or Naiads), the Pierian spring (metaphorical source of knowledge, science and art) and the Castalian spring, where Roman poets came for inspiration and people who were coming to consult the Delphic Oracle would stop to wash their hair.

In medieval Europe, holy wells were frequently pagan sacred sites that later became Christianised. “Holy” wells were often attributed with  healing qualities through the numinous presence of its guardian spirit or Christian saint, or a ceremony or ritual centred on the well site. In Christian legend, spring waters were often said to have been made to flow by the action of a saint.

In these contexts people say spring water itself is “good”, as well as being good for you.


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