Mineral Analysis

Our water source is based in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside and has been supplying water for hundreds of years. Our water is drawn from 35 metres below the surface and the naturally filtered water from this spring is bottled daily at source in a secure and clean environment, ready for use in your bottles

The unique sandstone geology below the spring is responsible for the subtle blend of minerals and the clear water. Naturally dissolved Minerals typically present (mg/l) – Calcium 53.9, Magnesium 10.7, Potassium 2.33, Sodium 13.8, Nitrates 20.2.The pH Value of the water is typically 7.8.

Its excellent composition and superior taste make English Spring Water a top quality premium bottled water. The Spring Water, both still and carbonated, is produced in a full selection of PET (plastic) and glass bottles ranging from 330ml to 750ml. We can customise labels for individual clients or sell the water as our branded “English Spring Water”.

Our facilities comprises of a modern, award winning, bottling plant that prides itself on consistently producing a top quality product to high standards of quality control. A strict code of practice and daily testing of the water ensures that the high quality of both the water and bottling process are maintained. Our bottling plant is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards and is approved by the main industry regulatory body.