Poetry and Valentine’s Day is a marriage made in heaven, and Natural Spring Water brings to mind some wonderful love poetry linked to water. You could quote some of these to your loved or write them in a card for your 14th February celebrations.


“Love is the only water that can quench the heart’s thirst.” Basava (1134-1196) wrote: “When/like a hailstone crystal/like a waxwork image/the flesh melts in pleasure/how can I tell you? The waters of joy/ broke the banks/and ran out of my eyes.” Zeynen Hatun (15th century) may have been writing about spiritual love as well as earthly love in the following verses: “I am a fountain, You are my water./I flow from You to You./I am an eye, You are my light,/I look from You to You./You are neither my right nor my left./You are my foot and my arm as well./I am a traveller, You are my road./I go from/You to You.”


In recent times, too, love and water have been wrapped together in the lyrics of popular songs. Everyone must know, for example, Mark Knopfler’s lyrics for the band Dire Straits: “Water of love, deep in the ground.” And the more expansive oceanic sort of love in songs like “Sea of Love” by Otis Redding: “Come with me, oh my love/to the sea, the sea of love.”


No doubt you can find your own inspirational poetry linking love and water, with Natural Spring Water of course symbolic of love in its purest form.


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