In the Search of Natural Spring Water

The Earth’s day is approaching and Project Wet had many kids involved in the search of Natural Spring Water.

This project had the aim to teach children about their environment and particularly about water. The 200 students were engaged in a lot of different games with an educational meaning. The kids built a community in a sand box and learned all about pollution of the water and how building too close to a water source can pollute the well. The kids were very surprised to learn how mundane activities can pollute water and realized they had to be more careful with their nature. There were signs with ocean, river, spring, clouds, ground water and so on and the kids zigzagged around them learning about all the sources of water in our planet. Another activity was carrying heavy buckets of water and learning how people in different part of the Earth have to cope with that. Because water is not that easily available everywhere. Those were interesting activities and many kids admitted that they have never thought about water like that and that they see it differently now. The final lesson they learned is how they can preserve their water sources by taking shorter showers, stop the running water while they brush their teeth and many more.

Kids really started appreciating the fact that they had fresh Natural Spring Water available for them to drink. We are one of the water suppliers and take great pride in what we do.


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