How to Test Your Spring Water

Spring water is naturally filtered in the earth and it is the best water out there. Some people are afraid to take a sip straight from the ground, but this goes for water that you drink directly from a river or a lake. Yes, this water can be contaminated, but if you find a natural well, it may be the purest water there is. There are several things you can check to see if the water you found is good.  You can check its temperature. If the water is about 4°C it is just perfect. Harmful bacteria cannot grow in cold water. Check how much dissolved solids it has. Purchase a TDS meter and test it – if the measurements are between 9 and 50, the water is good. If it is more, it means that it is very hard and not that hydrating. Test the pH and stick to the numbers between 6.8 and 7.2 – this is almost neutral pH, which is close to our blood stream pH. If the water comes out in a strong flow, it probably comes from a big and full aquifer. If you have the equipment, test the water for its chemical content. If you know someone who has drank from this well before, ask him about the history of the well. If you have any concerns drinking form a well you have found, you can always order our pure and tested natural spring water!


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