Hidden Sources of Sodium

Natural spring water is among the things you should consume a lot when you are striving for a healthier way of life. A good diet and a lot of water is what the doctors recommend. But even if you think you have changed your diet, you should be aware of the sodium intake. This is very important for maintaining your health and heart strong. Monitor how much sodium you eat daily. Here are some hidden sources of sodium.

  1. Canned products – this can be anything form spaghetti sauce, to canned veggies, beans, soups and so on. Always read the labels when you buy canned foods. The amount of sodium we need every day is no more than 1700mg to 2300mg. Keep in mind that a single spoon of salt is 2300mg. This is very alarming, because a spoon of salt is not that big of an amount.
  2. Sodas, energy drinks, and juices. Again, read the labels. When you want to be healthy, do not think that low sugar and fat are enough. Low sodium is of utmost importance.
  3. Breakfast food – any pancake mixes, cereals and bars contain sodium.
  4. Bottled water – read the labels! If you feel that you had enough sodium for the day, skip the water that has sodium!

Let us all begin our healthier way of life – drink a lot of natural spring water and check out the labels of the foods you eat.


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