People have known about the health benefits of the spring water for centuries and what a blessing a hydrothermal therapy is for those who need it. The process of the hydrothermal therapy is based on the stimulation of nerves on the surface of the skin that carry impulses to our body, creating therapeutic effect on the blood circulation, digestive and immune system, and also relieving stress and pain.

The most popular hydrothermal treatments are steam baths and saunas. These are very beneficial for our respiratory system and can reduce the toxins in the body, while the enhanced blood circulation facilitates the nutrients transported to the skin.

Another amazing treatment is the Sitz bath which can be with either hot or cold water, or alternating between those water temperatures. The idea of the Sitz bath is to boost the blood flow to the pelvic and abdominal area, to the ankles and feet. This particular procedure is used to treat swollen ankles. By exposing these areas to the hot water for twenty or forty minutes and then showering with cold water we can eliminate uterine cramps. Constipation can be relieved if we take an alternative cold bath – sit in iced water for thirty seconds to a minute.

All in all the health benefits of the hydrothermal therapy are countless. Spring water is either used in therapy or drank and has helped many people for a significant period of time and continues to do so.


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