Bottled Spring Water can be used to make flower essences to treat animals and people, much like homeopathic remedies. Here is the basic method for making your own essences. But be sure to research the specific qualities of each essence before you attempt to use them. You’ll need a glass bowl, stainless steel tweezers, cobalt blue or amber glass dropper bottles sterilised in boiling water, a glass funnel, some labels and brandy (as a preservative). Fill the bowl with your water. Pick blossoms or petals with the tweezers, from only the healthiest organically grown plants. Cover the surface of the water with them. Pick only one kind of flower at a time.

Leave the water and flowers in the sunshine for three hours. Fill your bottles halfway with brandy. Again with tweezers, remove the flowers and any debris from the water. Add this water to the bottles containing the brandy, filling them to the neck, then seal and label them (be sure to include the date). If you’re making more than one essence, wash your hands before proceeding to the next flower. You now have a tincture. Make your essences potent by shaking the bottle or by hitting its bottom against the heel of your hand eight shakes or firm taps at a time.

For everyday use, add two drops of the tincture to another dropper bottle filled with equal amounts of water and a small amount of brandy. A good rule of thumb is to mix one ounce of Bottled Spring Water, two drops flower essence, and one teaspoon of brandy; or substitute one teaspoon vegetable glycerine for the brandy, if you want to avoid alcohol.


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