Drink Water with Your Cocktails

Spring is approaching and some people begin the search of butterflies, exotic flowers, others feel ready to add a new fresh cocktail to their menu

Spring Water with Your Cocktails

Spring Water with Your Cocktails

 of spring water and warm tea. Yes, the winter is over and it is time you enjoyed yourself with a fresh cocktail. But, do think that you should forget about water altogether. Just on the contrary. Spring cocktails are great and refreshing, but if you want to stay on the top of your game and feel good even after a few of those mojitos or cucumber vodka mixers, you should always drink plenty of water while sipping on the cocktail. Drinking water is actually going to make you fully enjoy that exotic cocktail, because you are not going to get tipsy right away. What is more, alcohol tends to dehydrate our body and we have all experienced immense hunger the morning after the cocktails. We feel the need to drink sugary drinks, to eat more and we have headaches. Yes, sometimes even one sweet alcoholic cocktail can give you a hangover. The reason is that the body is dehydrated and it hurts. Do not do that to yourself. Whenever you order a cocktail, get a bottle of water and drink it up. The ratio is one sip of alcohol – 3 sips of spring water. Remember to always properly hydrate yourself. Hello spring cocktails, good buy headaches!


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