Custom Label Bottles

Our custom label bottles are of the highest quality.  We have access to full wrap large labels as well as more budget options such as smaller paper labels.  We offer three standard products – however on larger orders we can also design you a custom shaped bottle and custom printed caps.  We can fill all products with still or sparkling water as well as natural flavours and colours.

We will help your company create a suitable custom label and advise on regulatory requirements. With a minimum run of a pallet of water bottles you can create great custom branding offerings for small events – or create a long term brand addition.

Standard Bottle
Our most popular base product. It comes in either 330ml, 500ml, 750ml or 1.5l size and gives you choice of colour cap, and a fully customised label.  It is made with premium PET and comes in clear or blue tint. These products can be delivered within a week of receiving your artwork – or we can design a label for you if you require.

Easy Peel Label
This product comes in either 330ml or 500ml bottles with your choice of coloured cap. The easy-peel label allows printing on both side of the label – meaning you can place vouchers, questionnaires or anything else you can think of on the label. Your customers will be able to take the label with them after drinking the water. The EasyPeel label has a 3 week lead time.

Magazine on a bottle
A message on a bottle has never been so detailed! Using state of the art technology we can place a magazine on a 500ml bottle of water – containing up to 32 pages. The magazine comes off easily and can be taken by your target audience after drinking your water. This product is huge in Australia but brand spanking new in the UK. You can be one of the first to use it.  This product has a 4 week leadtime.

We offer Glass in 250ml, 330ml, 750ml and 1 litre.  We supply these high quality bottles to hotels and restaurants across the world.  They come with stylish metallic cap and can have clear, pp or silver foil labels.

Custom Bottles
If you want to break from the norm then we can design a bottle just for you. This option is best for larger orders and allows your water to stand out from the crowd. The design will be unique to you, the only limitation is your imagination… from humans to mobile phones or from cars to animals, you can have any shaped bottle you want