Nowadays, it seems, many celebrities are just as likely to ask for Bottled Spring Water instead of champagne for their dressing room or their Oscar event table. Amusing tales of prima donnas and their demands for fruit from some obscure atoll in the middle of the Pacific, to young men who will meet their every whim, now include humble H2O.

Not too long ago, Sarah Palin insisted on two bottles of ‘unopened still water” with “bendable straws” on top of her demand for a specific model of private jet. This, mind you, on top of her $75,000 plus speaker fee. Former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, insisted on four to six bottles of water in his room, along with two bottles of “Sparkling water (Calistoga or Perrier)” if his wife accompanied him. The heavy metal band AC/DC once asked for spring water in their dressing room — as well as three oxygen tanks and three masks! Mariah Carey wanted mineral water so that she and her dog could bathe in it. Singer Sheryl Crow tries to be green and insists that everything be recyclable, biodegradable and organic. It’s known that backstage she asked for “watering stations,” with water that “must be sourced from a local spring water vendor”.

So there you have it, Bottled Spring Water is the premiere choice of the stars; only you don’t have to be a celebrity to insist on drinking it.


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