Bottled water



Bottled spring water can be used for beauty treatments and therapeutic purposes as well as being delicious to drink.   An herbal facial steam is wonderful cosmetic treatment that has immediate effects. The humidity and concentrated temperature of the steam purges impurities from the skin, then softens and prepares it for the application of an […]


If you know the art, you might be able to use dowsing to locate a spring under the earth, though it’s not the method we use for our Bottled Spring Water. Dowsing is a type of divination used in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals, gemstones, oil, and more. Dowsing is also known as […]


Nowadays, it seems, many celebrities are just as likely to ask for Bottled Spring Water instead of champagne for their dressing room or their Oscar event table. Amusing tales of prima donnas and their demands for fruit from some obscure atoll in the middle of the Pacific, to young men who will meet their every […]


Bottled Spring Water can be used to make flower essences to treat animals and people, much like homeopathic remedies. Here is the basic method for making your own essences. But be sure to research the specific qualities of each essence before you attempt to use them. You’ll need a glass bowl, stainless steel tweezers, cobalt […]

Things to do with Plastic Bottles

If you still haven’t switched to a cooler and are still using regular Bottled Spring Water, here are some fun ways to recycle the bottles. You can make a coin purse with plastic bottles. Cut the bottoms of two bottles, sew them up with a zipper and there you have it!  You can use the […]

Recycling Works with Natural Spring Water

No one wants to live in a world filled with discarded glass, paper, and plastic hovering over our heads and many people stop themselves from purchasing Natural Spring Water for that reason. However, they may not be aware of the latest facts and information in regards to recycling. Recycling works…as stated above. There is a […]

Bottled Spring Water Keeps Your Movers Happy

Are you planning to move soon – plan ahead and stock up on bottled spring water. If you plan on packaging all the boxes yourself – you know  how exhausting this can be – you will get thirsty. However, more importantly – if you have hired a removal company – the bottles of water will […]

BBC Documentary on Bottled Water

The Foods That Make Billions. Liquid Gold, BBC2 at 2100 on 23 November 2010. Interesting documentary on the BBC tonight about bottled water and the impact of the business since the 1980’s.