Bottled spring water can be used for beauty treatments and therapeutic purposes as well as being delicious to drink.


An herbal facial steam is wonderful cosmetic treatment that has immediate effects. The humidity and concentrated temperature of the steam purges impurities from the skin, then softens and prepares it for the application of an herbal moisturiser. A quick recipe is to use 1 cup calendula, chamomile or lavender blossoms and 4 cups spring water. First, pin or tie back your hair, then wash your face thoroughly. Choosing one or a mixture of the herbs, 1 cup fresh, or 1/2 cup dried, and place them in a large ceramic bowl. Bring the 4 cups of water to the boil, and then pour it over the herbs. Cover your head with a large towel to form a tent over the bowl. Hold your head about 12 inches over the bowl, allow the steam to surround your face for around 10 minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable. Your face and neck will be become flushed and supple. Next, cool the face down by sponging it with tepid water, or an infusion of cool lavender or chamomile water. It is best to remain indoors for about an hour to let your skin adjust to its normal temperature.


Remember, the purer the water, the better and more effective the beauty treatment. This facial steam treatment is just one of many beauty treatments which has water as a central ingredient. And with out bottled spring water you have the additional convenience of a top quality ingredient readily at hand.


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