The main use for Natural Spring Water is to drink it. It comes from deep in the earth and boils up to the surface through channels in rocky beds and stony layers. This means that it doesn’t contain the sort of bacteria or algae that form in standing water, which are dangerous to humans to […]


Spring water has over the centuries been revered not only for its health benefits but for a host of spiritual attributes. You may have heard the terms “sacred spring” or holy well”. In general this is a small body of water emerging from underground that is revered either in a pagan or a Christian context, […]

How to Test Your Spring Water

Spring water is naturally filtered in the earth and it is the best water out there. Some people are afraid to take a sip straight from the ground, but this goes for water that you drink directly from a river or a lake. Yes, this water can be contaminated, but if you find a natural […]

Spring Water for Better Wine

Having your own local natural spring water has many benefits amongst which is the chance to produce great wine. We have come upon a family of wine producers, which has shared with us their overwhelming joy of having a local natural spring water well. This family lives in California and has been in the wine […]

Things to do with Plastic Bottles

If you still haven’t switched to a cooler and are still using regular Bottled Spring Water, here are some fun ways to recycle the bottles. You can make a coin purse with plastic bottles. Cut the bottoms of two bottles, sew them up with a zipper and there you have it!  You can use the […]

Ways to Reuse your Spring Water Bottle

In this day and age where recycling is essential it is important to find ways that you can reuse the bottles of Spring Water you buy. Here are several things you can do with them that are very useful: If you have plants, whether in your garden or houseplants, watering them may be a pain […]

Recycling Works with Natural Spring Water

No one wants to live in a world filled with discarded glass, paper, and plastic hovering over our heads and many people stop themselves from purchasing Natural Spring Water for that reason. However, they may not be aware of the latest facts and information in regards to recycling. Recycling works…as stated above. There is a […]

Dealing with Depression with Spring Water

It is this time of the year that people experience a drop in mood with the drop in temperature. With spring water you can literarily “spring” back to being your good old happy self. There are different levels or seasonal depression, some that isn’t as extreme, and in some cases it is a clinical condition. […]
Contract Bottling

Fillongley Spring Water is flowing again

English Spring Water are delighted to announce the ex Nestle bottling plant at Fillongley, is officially “open for business”, trading as Fillongley Spring Water Ltd. Offering contract bottling services across the UK. In 2001, Nestle/Powwow designed and built a “state of the art” bottling plant in Fillongley, Warwickshire costing over £6 million, it was designed […]

Spring Water for Older Homes

Whether you live in a home or apartment, if it’s an older building you may want to consider purchasing Spring Water for consumption. Water is water, as some may say, but that doesn’t mean that all water is the same. Though your local water filtration may be ok and the tap isn’t contaminated that doesn’t […]